Project Overview

Project ID Project Name Year PubMed ID Experiment Number
SRP028376 RNA-sequencing reveals previously unannotated protein- and microRNA-coding genes expressed in aleurone cells of rice seeds 2013 24200500 4
SRP017256 Plants regenerated from tissue culture contain stable epigenome changes in rice 2013 23539454 9
SRP028766 Spatio-Temporal Transcript Profiling of Rice Roots and Shoots in Response to Phosphate Starvation and Recovery 2013 24249833 125
SRP047482 Genome-wide screening and functional analysis identify a large number of long noncoding RNAs involved in the sexual reproduction of rice 2014 25517485 4
DRP002329 Genome-Wide Study of KNOX Regulatory Network Reveals Brassinosteroid Catabolic Genes Important for Shoot Meristem Function in Rice 2014 25194027 16
DRP001141 Gene expression profiling of the early cadmium response includes abiotic stress signaling pathway in rice 2014 24816929 16
SRP035332 Transcriptome profiling in reciprocal hybrids and tetraploids constructed from subspecies japonica and indica of Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.) 2014 24577842 1
SRP043448 "Mutation of a major CG methylase in rice causes genome-wide hypomethylation, dysregulated genome expression, and seedling lethality" 2014 25002488 3
SRP049212 Comparative transcriptome analysis among closely related rice strains 2014 - 3
DRP001762 Rice germline-specific Argonaute MEL1 protein binds to phasiRNAs generated from more than 700 lincRNAsNA 2014 24635777 1
SRP052306 Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of rice in response to controlled drought stress at vegetative 2015 - 4
SRP052309 Transcriptome analysis of Osbhlh148 mutant plants under controlled drought stress and well-watered conditions at vegetative stage 2015 - 8
SRP052310 Transcriptome analysis of Oshsfa2e mutant plants under controlled drought stress and well-watered conditions at vegetative stage 2015 - 8
DRP000391 Retrogenes in Rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica) Exhibit Correlated Expression with Their Source Genes 2011 22042334 7
DRP000716 Diversity in the complexity of phosphate starvation transcriptomes among rice cultivars based on RNA-Seq profiles 2014 23857470 4
SRP011893 "Comparative transcriptome analysis of transporters, phytohormone and lipid metabolism pathways in response to arsenic stress in rice (Oryza sativa)" 2013 22537016 1
SRP029886 Dicer-like 3 produces transposable element-associated 24-nt siRNAs that control agricultural traits in rice 2013 24554078 1
SRP039045 International Rice Genome Sequencing Project 2014 - 3
SRP048885 Loss of function mutations in the rice chromomethylase OsCMT3a cause a burst of transposition 2015 26243209 6
SRP049102 "Rare allele of a previously unidentified histone H4 acetyltransferase enhances grain weight, yield, and plant biomass in rice" 2014 25535376 1
SRP056884 TAL effectors and activation of predicted host targets distinguish Asian from African strains of the rice pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola while strict conservation suggests universal importance of five TAL effectors 2015 26257749 33
SRP057260 A transcription activator-like effector from Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola elicits dose-dependent resistance in rice 2015 26821568 6
SRP061677 Stranded RNA-seq and methylomes for the rice DCL3a RNAi experiment 2015 26196146 12
SRP061678 "Stranded RNA-seq for rice after 3, 24 and 52 days of Pi stress" 2015 26196146 8