Rice Expression Database (RED) is a repository of gene expression profiles derived entirely from RNA-Seq data analysis on tissues spanning an entire range of rice growth stages and covering a wide variety of biotic and abiotic treatments.

RED features integration and visualization of gene expression profiles based on curated and quality-controlled RNA-Seq data encompassing diverse tissues and treatments.

RED is a sub-project of IC4R (Information Commons for Rice; that aims to provide rice reference genome with standardized and accurate gene annotations based on a huge volume of omics data and a large number of rice-related literatures.

Data Statistics

  • 9 Tissues

  • 24 Projects

  • 284 Experiments

  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

Please cite:

  • Xia L#, Zou D#, Sang J, Xu XJ, Yin HY, Li MW, Wu SY, Hu SN, Hao LL*, Zhang Z*: Rice Expression Database (RED): an integrated RNA-Seq-derived gene expression database for rice. Journal of Genetics and Genomics, 2017, 44(5):235-241. [PMID=28529082]

Release Notes

  • 9 tissues/284 experiments have been integrated into RED. [August 2016]
  • Co-expression network analysis has been integrated into RED. [April 2016]
  • Classification of Tissue-specific & House-keeping Genes have been integrated into RED. [March 2016]
  • RED is regarded as one of the important database resources of Gene Expression Nebulas in BIG Data Center. [January 2016]
  • RED is updated with bug fixed and new features added.[May 2015]
  • RED is publicly accessible.[April 2015]